Meet Jen Hall

Over the years I've experienced with a few different jobs: Retail sales, administrative assistant, paint mixing, photography, and social media consulting. In all of these positions, two things have always stood out to me as things I enjoy. I like creating, and I like sharing. 


This has bounced back and forth about between photography and graphic design. Fortunately Alberta College of Art + Design had the perfect program for me - Bachelor of Design majoring in Photography.

I don't think I'll ever settle on one or the other and I would't have it any other way. 


When it comes to ideas, I'm not a secrets person. I want everyone and their dog to know, and it's because I just get so incredibly excited. "THIS IS AMAZING! WHO CAN I SHARE THIS WITH!?"

Between blogging, sharing in online forums, and teaching, I satisfy my need to share ideas. Don't view it as feeding ideas to the competition, view it as pushing to work harder to be one of the best and working as a community to improve.